Furniture Medic by Wine Country Woodworking


Furniture Touch Up


Furniture touch up is the quickest way to give your furniture a make over.  We will remove marks in your furniture by color matching any blemishes, and then applying a new coat of finish to match the sheen of the existing finish.

We are able to do typical furniture touch up at your location so you have use of your furniture quicker.  No need for multiple visits from our team, saving you money in the long run.

Table Top Refinish


Typically completed on site most table top refinishing is finished in one visit.  Larger conference tables, etc, may take 2 visits.

First we will mask off and protect floors, other furnishings in the room, and the base of the item to be refinished.  Then using our environmentally safe strippers we will remove all the existing finish, and stain.  Once finished we will color match and re-stain the top and apply the appropriate top coat or finish.  

All of our products are low oder, low VOC, water based products.  We also employ air scrubbers on site so you can quickly go back to work.



At Furniture Medic, we are repair specialists.  We repair nicks, scratches, bumps and general wear & tear.  But we go well beyond that.  Broken table leg, or chair arm, we can repair or re-manufacture as needed.

Small repairs, scratches, dents and the like can be completed on site.

More extensive repairs or full restorations are handled at our shop where we have industry standard woodworking equipment.